Sunday, 15 April 2012

15 years

Where i work at the moment, there are many young girls in their early twenties. I often overhear them prattling on about their beau, how wonderful he is, how they can't wait to get married, he's perfect, this that and the other.......I often feel like interjecting, and giving them a reality check, here is the example i would use.......

Your in a new relationship, you have been to the chip shop and are walking along eating your chips together. She stumbles and drops her chips all over the pavement. You run to her aid, "Are you ok? my darling, here have half of my chips, have ALL of my chips."

Fast forward fifteen years.......

For a start, it almost goes without saying that you will both be fatter, and if the truth be told, not as attractive to each other as you were fifteen years ago, but that is by the by........

You are waddling along eating your chips together and she stumbles and falls, spilling her chips all over the pavement.
"TUT...for fuck's sake you clumsy cow, why don't ya pick your feet up?"
"Well, arn't you going to give me some of your chips?" she says
"Fuck off! should have been watching where you were going."

Do you stop loving your partner after fifteen years? no. Does it change to a different kind of love? yes. It changes to a tutting under your breath kinda love!

Think on young girls, think on.......

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