Saturday, 28 July 2007

Doddery old git in the making

Andy mule here. Wow I have got my own blog!....(whatever that means). Technology seems to be passing me by. Using a cashpoint machine is a white knuckle ride for me now! So what am I going to do with it? Well, I think i'll use it as a diary to give an account of the every day life of a bloke racing towards forty.....Can I really be nearly forty?, I mean how did that happen? It only seems a blink of an eye ago, that I was sitting in the cinema with my jaw on the floor, watching Star Wars. What happened to that ten year old? What's happened to all that space in between ten and thirty-nine? Ten years old was brilliant. Ten years old was endless summer holidays, you know, when six weeks was the rest of your life, now it's about a weekend! Ten years old was pretending to be Starsky and Hutch. I always had to be the less exciting Hutch, as my friend Peter had naturally curly hair, which seemed to bagsy him the much more exciting role of Starsky, much to my annoyance. I do remember once trying to use my mum's curlers to curl my hair over night. I thought this would give me a claim to Starsky. All that happened, was my mum found me in the morning with her curlers in , and a few visits to a child therapist ensued! Where it all really started to fall down however, is making Peter's younger brother David be Huggy Bear. Instead of being a black, streetwise, hip, funky, large hat wearing dude, who new "the word on the street", he was a small, very very blonde boy!....but it didn't matter. We were ten. Anyway, I digress. (this is something that happens on a regular basis, as I reach forty). I suppose what im trying to say is that, isn't it a shame how our attitudes change as the years roll ever faster by? The innocense and magic of the ten year old is eroded away, to reveal the tarnished grumpy old git underneath. That is why I have decided to write this blog I suppose. Maybe it's a self councellling thing, maybe it's an excuse for a bloody good moan, but most of all, I want it to be a safe haven for fellow 'nearly fortiers'! A place where we can put our collective cyber arms around each other, and tell ourselves, that maybe it isn't all that bad.......also, it saves my long suffering wife, from having to put up with my almost constant whinging, griping, and general heavy sighing!....Now it's your shift!. All the best, Andy. Hopefully write more drivel soon!

ps.....I can't spell! Yes I know there is a spell check......remember the cashpoint?.......

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Steve said...

Nice on e squirrel - who's Starskie and Hutch (must be before my time).

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