Saturday, 4 April 2009

All aboard me hearties.......

Out with the old, and in with the new,
I used to be red, but now I am blue.
Bad times behind us, good times a fore,
My colours are different, but it's still just a chore.

Will the blue ones be curious, of my little words,
The red ones were big fans, of my chapter and verse.
The serpent departed, an angel in place?,
A demon perhaps, with a different face.

The ship is a sail, upon stormy seas,
Lets hope that the words, are followed by deeds.
Red days and blue days, they merge into one,
I'll never find out, what's on BBC1

The ocean is vast, and pirates are rife,
Lets navigate through, the trouble and strife.
Set sail my beauties, pull up the anchors,
.......Oh, my keyboard seems to have locked up, Oh well, you can try and finish it yourself if you like.

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