Saturday, 31 January 2009


Oh Mr Hyde, why do you hide, within my soul so deep,
Lurking there, without a care, dormant and asleep.
Never sure, when the door, will open to reveal,
Your poisoned ways, undying shame, my smile for you to steal.

Why do you come, to spoil the fun, and eat away my pride,
You don’t belong, so please be gone, it’s surely time you died.
No request, no behest, no welcome mat for you,
Bad pennies return, my wishes you spurn, your arrogance ensues.

Oh Mr Hyde, isn’t it time, for you to leave these shores,
Pack your bags, don’t want your rags, your methods or your cause.
You’ve stayed too long, I’ve sung your song, forever and a day,
You’re not my friend, when will it end, please be on your way.

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Steve said...

You are the one in charge - always remember that. Don't be afraid or ashamed to see your doctor.

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