Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow.......

Do you ever feel that you would like to run away to join the French Foreign Legion? Or maybe look out of your window one day, and see one hundred foot alien striders traversing the landscape, laying waste to everything in their path, at which point you would have to drop everything that is familiar to you, and join a desperate resistance group?.......No? It’s probably just me then, I am a little odd.

I suppose what I am really getting at, is that do you ever find the monotony of everyday life almost beyond bearable? I do, although there is something of a paradox in all this.
I am of the age where one realizes just how bloody quick time is passing by. I wouldn’t say that I am having a midlife crisis, I am not planning to start wearing fashionable clothes, or get myself into even more debt by buying a cabriolet, but I am definitely experiencing a certain amount of "What have I actually done?" or "Where am I actually going?" The paradox comes in thus; the everyday routine is in its self quite comforting, and sometimes anything that happens outside of that comfort zone, can bring on mild panic!

"What, I have got to go to the dentist today?.......On a Tuesday!.......ah, help, that’s buggered up my usual Tuesday routine."
But on the other hand I still crave some kind of adventure. What to do? Perhaps there is a French Foreign Legion T.A. Or perhaps I could go alien bashing just at weekends and bank holidays.

At my kind of age, it is frighteningly easy to become ‘Mr. Routine’ I knew a bloke once that used to leave his house at precisely 7.42am for work every morning, not a minute early, not a minute late. The thing was, he used to car share with a colleague, and if this guy was a second late, he would bugger off without him! I hope I never get that bad (hang on what’s the time, 6.13pm. Phew, still got six minutes before I have to do the weekly kettle descale)

So, here I am, trapped between the comfort of daily routine, and the monotony of every day life. I suppose what I am really looking for, is a kind of comfy adventure, a sort of pipe and slippers swashbuckle. Daring do that only requires a hint of effort. I do manage to get some of my ‘Adventure fix’ from computer games. I can see now the Margos of this world tutting and raising their monobrows, but sod ‘em, and get back to jumping on some bandwagons.

The ill-informed seem to take great pleasure in ridiculing ‘gamers’ if that’s what you want to call us. They still believe that games are ‘Sonic the hedgehog’, and things that tend to go beep a lot, but these days they really are like interactive movies, with graphics that can sometimes be almost as convincing as films. And why can you apparently not play games over a certain age? Do you have to stop reading books when you get to sixty-five, or stop watching films at the age of fifty? Of course not, they are all just ways of trying to escape the hum drum for a couple of hours, just as games are, but the shortsighted still insist on categorizing games as "For nerdy losers". Sigh.

I do often think that I really need to get my arse into gear, and start doing things instead of just thinking about it. "Seize the day" as they say. I tend to grip it limply, and then let go at the first sign of trouble!
Maybe today is the turning point. Maybe today I will start that revolution. Is today the day when I stand up, and strive unfalteringly towards success and an invite onto the Jonathon Ross show…….Hang on, it’s fish fingers tonight, and the bins need to go out. Maybe tomorrow eh?


Welsh Girl said...

I'm so with you on the humdrum thing. Despite my longing for a more exciting life, a week of being snowbound has not turned me into an arctic adventurer, but a moaning woman wearing too many clothes and eating as much carbohydrate as I can find. I say take small steps towards the Jonathon Ross show future. De scale the kettle ten minutes later than usual and then admire your revolutionary spirit for ignoring the system!

Katy said...

"So, here I am, trapped between the comfort of daily routine, and the monotony of every day life."

oh dear! bloody well-said, i am afraid.

- Katy :-)

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