Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Why does everything have to be such a ball ache?

Why does nothing work properly or efficiently?

Why does nobody care about the service that they are paid to provide?

Why does every bloody web site that I want to go on, require me to “Sign up”? Why do I have to fill in pages of personnel details including my blood type, house number, mothers maiden name, eye colour, inside leg and sperm count?

Why do computers carry out a task one day, and then flatly refuse to do it the next?

Why when I ask a computer to do something, does it not believe that I really want to do it, and asks me over and over again if I am completely and whole heartedly sure, that what I am requesting is the product of a rational and sane mind?

Why can’t ‘Scottish Provident’ and my Doctors clinic not get it into there collective skulls, that I no longer smoke, and therefore think it would be justified that I paid a reduced premium every bloody month? Why after a YEAR of tearful wrangling, in a world of instant communication and ‘light speed’ technology, are we still no further down the “Pay less money” road?

Why are insurance companies still allowed to get away with what is essentially legalised fraud?

Why can a once world leading country still not cope with a “Once in a blue moon” level of snow?

Why are bankers so oblivious to the opinions of the rest of the universe, when even considering allotting themselves obscene bonuses in the wake of their own induced financial melt down?

Why does every salary related to sports people or celebrities, automatically now consist of a number with six zeros after it?

Why does anyone buy Colleen Rooney’s book? …….Colleen Rooney, why?

Why are politicians allowed to get away with it?

Why does a footballer earn more than a nurse?

Why is there such a thing as ‘Sods law’? aren’t things tough enough?

Why do people hurt and abuse animals?…….simply, WHY?

Why can someone like George Bush become the leader of the most powerful country in the world? Why is America the most powerful country in the world?

Why are chips bad for you?

Why can’t they invent healthy fags?

Why is television so full of banal, inane drivel?

Why do I watch it???

Why is there a “Catch” to everything?

Why is there “No such thing as a free lunch”?

Why do people that work for councils have their brains removed on their first day?

Why are criminals more important than their victims?

Why do judges think in a completely different way to every other human being in existence?

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near…….Hang on?

Why do boys with large trousers and cars with blacked out windows, not think that they are a twat like everybody else does?

Why is ours the only house in the western world that still can’t get broadband?

Why are the rules for apostrophes so pointlessly complicated?

Why did someone come up with adjectives, nouns and verbs. I know what each one is, but why do I need to know?

Why, if there are aliens, don’t they just come and say hello for God’s sake, instead of hovering mysteriously over the heads of drunk people, who are on their own down dark country lanes?

Why does God move in mysterious ways?

Why do people still believe in God?

Why can’t Muslims lighten up a bit?

Why do I live in a world, where I genuinely thought twice about weather writing that last one was a good idea or not?

Why can’t people that have been enlightened by God, not see any further than the end of their noses?

Why do I ask so many questions?

Why when I know the answer to a question, does it normally just require more questions?



Steve said...

Why would that be then?

Welsh Girl said...

I could tell you the answers but that would spoil the fun!

justme said...

Why not?

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